7. The Schools of the Plague. The Plague of the Schools.


May 26th, 2022

58 mins 56 secs

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The Essential School Sucks, #7 of 50

Theme One: The Real Problems With Public School

How will the draconian "safety" measures from the past pandemic (or maybe a future pandemic) affect school children? These measures are new vectors for punishment and surveillance, and they will certainly remain in place beyond any health crisis.

Jay, The Honest Teacher returns almost exactly one year after our last conversation. I asked him to offer some up close and personal accounts (from students and from his observations) about how institutional schooling has become even more of a dystopian nightmare.

Unfortunately now more than ever, school continues to make good on its promise to mold children into "good" citizens. But is there a silver lining? Jay says yes.

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Originally Released February 15, 2021 As "[PODCAST #701] 2021: Now School Sucks For Everyone"

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