The Essential School Sucks - Introduction


May 11th, 2022

15 mins 18 secs

Your Host

About this Episode

An introduction to the 50 most essential episodes - curated, categorized, and sequenced for a new audience.

These shows will progress through five core topics (approximately 10 shows each)

  • The Real Problems With School
  • Leaving School and Finding Educational Alternatives
  • The Principles of Critical Thinking and Self-Directed Learning
  • Personal Development
  • Information Literacy

If you...

  • have growing concerns and frustrations about institutional schooling at all levels
  • have children currently struggling through this experience
  • are looking for alternatives and support
  • are ready to challenge yourself

...then welcome.

School Sucks is a podcast, You Tube channel, and web community empowering parents and self-directed learners.
For 12 years we've promoted freedom in education, and we've called out covert indoctrination.

We discuss

  • educational alternatives like homeschooling and unschooling,
  • career freedom without college
  • the principles of self-directed learning
  • the strategies of critical thinking/information literacy
  • and the rewards of self-knowledge/personal development

This is NOT a show about school reform.
The schools will not improve.
Higher education will not improve.
The politics around these institutions will not improve.

Only we can improve.

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