Episode 720

[preview] What Is No Country For Old Men?


May 29th, 2020

49 mins 33 secs

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Picture of the Month Club - May 2020 - No Country For Old Men
Installment #7 (AUDIO, 116 MINUTES)

"The crime you see now, it's hard to even take its measure. It's not that I'm afraid of it. I always knew you had to be willin' to die to even do this job. But, I don't want to push my chips forward and go out and meet somethin' I don't understand. A man would have to put his soul at hazard. He'd have to say: 'O.K., I'll be part of this world.' - Sheriff Bell

PICTURE OF THE MONTH CLUB is a monthly series featuring Dutch - a delightful, insightful and successful film maker who wants to teach you the grammar and logic of cinema. Many will remember Dutch from the CINEMAnufacturing series.

Released May 26, 2020 on Patreon, A/V Club and SubscribeStar.

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